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Our History

WTNHBA Serving West Tennessee Since 1944

The West Tennessee Home Builders Association is a proactive, not-for-profit trade association that unites all segments of the housing industry in West Tennessee. Founded in 1944, the WTNHBA serves its members and the community by promoting quality housing through education and professionalism.

The WTNHBA is the largest local home builders association in Tennessee and is affiliated with the Home Builders Association of Tennessee and the National Association of Home Builders.

Over the years, the WTNHBA has been led by a veritable "who’s who" of Memphians who have built new homes over the past 70+ years. Wallace Johnson, a business associate of world-renowned Holiday Inns founder Kemmons Wilson and a national housing figure in his own right, served as the first president of the association. Kemmons Wilson himself served as WTNHBA President in 1955.

In the years since its founding, the WTNHBA has changed its name, expanded its service area, seen membership numbers increase in good times and decrease in downtimes, moved and built an office and meeting center, seen fathers and sons serve as President of the association, and has constantly changed the range of services offered to both members and to the public.

Through all the changes that have occurred over the past half-century, one constant has been an unwavering commitment by the association to serve the community. Members of the association have built a new dining hall for the Boys Club of Memphis, turned old railroad refrigerator cars into low-income housing for MIFA, helped Habitat for Humanity and the Nehemiah Project build affordable homes, developed the first phase of Estival Place, built homes for St. Jude Dream Home Giveaways, and have given a portion of the proceeds from the annual VESTA show and Home Expo to area charities.

Past Presidents of the Association

Wallace Johnson 1944 - 1945

John Goodwin 1946 - 1947

William Clark 1948

Manny Delugach 1949

D.T. Kimbrough 1950 - 1951

C.A. Crump 1952

W.D. Jemison Jr. 1953

Jack Rich 1954

Kemmons Wilson 1955

Louis Weeks Jr. 1956

Robert Snowden 1957

Jack Renshaw 1958

Carl J. Grant 1959

James M. Wood Jr. 1960

Morris H. Mills 1961

Waymon H. Welch 1962

Irby Cooper 1963

Lloyd B. Lovitt 1964

B. Snowden Boyle 1965

Jack L. Erb 1966

Thane Smith Jr. 1967

Charlie McCrory 1968

Williams McNeil Ayres 1969

Richard Bauman 1970

Charles W. Russell 1971

Roland Maddox 1972






Ray Schutt 1973

H.B. McAdams 1974

Bob Buxbaum 1975

T. David Goodwin 1976

Mike Weiss 1977

Clyde Patton 1978

Richard Grant 1979

Frank Romeo Jr. 1980

Robert Willis 1981

Stewart Austin 1982

Jerry Gillis 1983

Henry Halle III 1984

Patrick J. Mahoney 1985

Norman Brown III 1986

Phil Bryce 1987

Wesley Hays 1988

Terry Dan 1989

Jon Reeves 1990

Brad Rainey 1991

Ronnie Tickle 1992

Jim Green 1993

Billy Ayres 1994

Tom Moss 1995

Paul Ryan 1996

Charles Morgan 1997





Palmer Albertine 1998

David Gribble 1999

Ken Garland Jr. 2000

David Parsons 2001

Phil Chamberlain 2002

John Duke 2003

Bruce Upchurch 2004

Mack Andrews 2005

Tim Wilson 2006

Keith Grant 2007

Doug Collins 2008

Stephen Hodgkins 2009

Tommy Byrnes 2010

David Clark 2011

Jimmy Moore 2012

Don Caylor 2013

Kimberly Grant Brown 2014

David Goodwin Jr. 2015

Keith Allen 2016

James Reid 2017

Dave Moore 2018

Dave Tucker 2019

John Catmur 2020

Trey Sowell 2021

Mark Miesse 2022

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