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Hiring Tips

  • Things to consider when hiring a builder or remodeler for your next construction project.

When hiring someone to build your new home or work on your existing home, there are several considerations to bear in mind. All will affect the end result, and over time,  your satisfaction with the finished product. Things you should be concerned with:

  • The design of the work to be done.
  • The skill level of the contractor you hire to do the work.
  • The quality of materials to be used in your project.
  • The final cost once the work is done to your satisfaction.
  • The ability to get any warranty work done without hassle.

There are numerous reasons why these concerns can best be addressed by hiring a licensed contractor as opposed to someone who just does “carpenter work.”

Advantages of Hiring a Licensed Contractor

  • Knowing that you the work done will be by someone with years of experience who has been tested by the state as to his knowledge of proper building techniques.
  • Having a professional on your team who is knowledgeable in the building codes and who will carefully build within them.
  • Being protected from liability and property claims while the work is being performed as your builder is fully insured.
  • The ability to check references like the HBA to verify the reputation and reliability of the contractor.
  • Lower end cost, even though the quote may be higher because the work is done properly the first time.
  • Shorter time in completing the work due to the contractor’s competence.
  • Security in knowing that the local inspectors will be reviewing the work to ensure the safety and quality of the finished product.
  • Peace of mind due to the fact that a licensed contractor will hire only qualified sub-contractors to do the plumbing, wiring and mechanical work on your project.

Benefits of Selecting a Home Builders Association Member

The HBA is a group of professionals in their industry who are committed to the highest standards of work. To join the HBA a person must have the sponsorship of an existing member and be voted upon by the Board of Directors.

  • Only licensed persons can join the HBA.
  • The Board of Directors and HBA members are committed to holding each other to professional standards of work.
  • Members must adhere to our code of ethics or lose their membership.
  • HBA membership is only granted to persons who have a business that has been time-proven and is known in the area.
  • You can check with other HBA members for a reference.
  • Members of the West TN HBA are also members of the Home Builders Association of Tennessee and the National Association of Home Builders who provide stability, credibility, and continuing education.

Why would you risk hiring someone who lacks a well-established company and has no ties to others in their industry?


NAHB Designations

A designation from the National Association of Home Builders says a lot about a member. Professional designations are achieved by those who value excellent opportunities to improve their skills, advance their careers, and be recognized for their commitment to professional growth. NAHB offers a wide range of learning opportunities and is committed to providing the best residential home building knowledge to foster success in the industry.

Designations and Abbreviations:

  • Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS)—The CAPS Designation teaches the technical, business management, and customer service skills essential to competing in the aging-in-place market.
  • Certified Graduate Builder (CGB)—CGB is an exclusive professional designation designed to emphasize business and project management skills.
  • Certified Green Professional (CGP)—The Certified Green Professional (CGP) Designation teaches builders, remodelers and other industry professionals techniques for incorporating green building principles into homes—without driving up the cost of construction.
  • Housing Credit Certified Professional (HCCP)—The Housing Credit Certified Professional specialized designation for developers, property managers, asset managers, and others who are working in the affordable housing industry.
  • Certified New Home Sales Professionals (CSP)—The CSP designation was designed for specialists in new home sales to enhance their professional image, increase their marketability in the home building industry, and sell more homes!


You can rest easy when you hire a builder from the West TN Home Builders Association. Contact one of our members today!
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