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5 Specialty Rooms Home Buyers Really Want

by Bentley Black, Director of Operations

Every home buyer has an ideal home in mind. Location, home size and features are among the top considerations when deciding if a home is right for you. However, one new home feature that piques home buyer interest is specialty rooms. Beyond bedrooms and bathrooms, specialty rooms have a specific purpose. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) surveyed recent and prospective buyers about what specialty room they considered essential and desirable in their new home. The survey results may surprise you.


Laundry Room. A space for folding, hanging or simply a space to put dirty clothes placed high on the list. A large majority of buyers (87%) rated the laundry room as an essential/desirable feature. A laundry room has consistently been the most popular specialty room since 2003. These rooms are more than a space for appliances and can be outfitted with built-in storage and other features to help make the most of the area.


Home Office. More flexibility with work makes this space in new homes among the most popular. A majority (63%) of buyers want a home office. However, the survey revealed that this request isn’t a recent trend. The share of buyers who desire this has remained above 60% since 2007. Home offices are popular among millennials and married couples with children.


Flex/multipurpose Spaces. Formal rooms have their place in homes, but more buyers are saying they want space with the ability to adjust to meet their needs. More than half (56%) of buyers wanted a flexible or multipurpose room. From transforming a guest space into a hobby area or simply a quiet nook to find respite, flexible spaces are grabbing buyer attention.


Sun Room. The home décor theme of bringing the outdoors in via natural light and indoor plants is growing in popularity. More than half of buyers (54%) in the survey considered a sun room essential/desirable. Generally, sun rooms have large or floor-to-ceiling windows to maximize natural light and can be enjoyed in the summer, spring and fall. In addition, a home with a sun room adds more square feet, providing ample space to unwind and soak up natural light.


Breakfast nook. Stylish and functional, breakfast nooks provide extra space for dining and spending time with family. More than half, 52%, of survey respondents considered a breakfast nook an essential feature. Nooks vary based on the style of your home. However, you can generally find them near or on the side of your kitchen with chairs or a bench and a small table. A designer can help buyers transform the nook into a stylish space or recommend ways to sneak in additional storage space for your kitchen.


New homes offer modern floor plans and specialty spaces that meet your family needs. For more information about new homes available in the community visit,

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