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Ask an Expert about Home Standby Generators

Q & A with Banks Electrics’ Ricky Banks!

Why is it important to have a home standby generator? 

For people with health issues who need oxygen or refrigerated medications. In this uncertain world we live in we could have a power grid overload or terrorist attack on the power grid. To keep your family comfortable during a power outage & your refrigerated food from going bad.

How does the generator work? 

The generator comes with an automatic transfer switch which senses the power outage. It has about a 15 second delay and automatically comes on when the power goes out and then automatically senses when the power is restored and shuts itself back off.

How long does it take to install a home standby generator? 

There are three different steps to the installation. First, we come out and install the generator and do the wiring part which takes about a day. Next, the plumber must come out and run the gas line to it, and after that we come back and do the initial startup on it. I would say if everything fell together with everyone’s schedules everything can be done in 7 to 10 days.

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