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Easy Steps to Keep Your Fridge Organized

Easy Steps to Keep Your Fridge Organized

Bost By: ShelfGenie of the MidSouth


You and your family members access your refrigerator multiple times a day. Organizing it will simplify how you make your grocery list and plan your meals. Use the helpful tips below to stop wasting money purchasing items you already own or throwing out food that expires.


  • Clean Out and Discard

The first step to organizing the fridge is to take everything out. Clean the shelves, door, and drawers to start with a clean slate. It will make you happy every time you open the refrigerator! Toss any items that have expired dates or produce items that are past their fresh date.


  • Create Categories
    Visualize a trip to the grocery store and think about how items are stored inside their refrigerated sections. Grouping like items together allows you to take inventory of what you own. No more duplicate bottles of condiments! You’ll save space, time, and money.


  • Create Refrigerator Zones

Now that you know what you need to store inside the fridge, you can create zones. Decide where each category of grouped items will go. Adjust shelving according to the height of the items being stored. For example, you may need more vertical space between shelves to accommodate for bottled items. Arranging by height helps maximize storage space.


  • Increase Accessibility

Keep your most frequently used items front and center. Place items at eye-level for the family members who access them. For instance, if you want snacks available for the kids, designate a bottom shelf or drawer as the snack zone. That way, those items will be easy for them to reach.


Of all these steps, categorizing is the most important and best way to keep the refrigerator organized over time. There are plenty of refrigerator bins that provide ways to stack, store, and contain like items. You can even label the bins to designate homes for everything.

Most of us have extra bottled water, juices, sodas, or other beverages. To reduce clutter inside the fridge, keep these extras in dry storage until you need to restock your refrigerator.

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