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Get Valentine’s Day Ready with B Gaines Interior Design!

Post By: Becca Gaines, B Gaines Interior Design

Photographer:  Jennifer Saltsman


Valentine’s Day 2021 is approaching quickly.  While this holiday has never been one of my favorite, who doesn’t need a reason to celebrate love and friendship this year?!


I have two little girls who can never get enough sparkle.  Pink, glitter and candy are some of their most favorite things.  These elements are easy to snag at any general retailer or grocery in February, and usually prevail in our home near Valentines day.

However, my personal taste, surely influenced by my own Valentine who I’ve practically grown up with, is slightly more natural and masculine.  I say this as encouragement to reach for colors and textures that mean something to you! 

As an interior designer, I work from an inspired place and I strive to make meaningful selections.  This creative process translates from the job site, to interior decorating, and entertaining!


You’ll find one of my current favorite colors in this tablescape, Carhartt brown. Even though this isn’t a Valentines day color, it’s one that personalizes this tablescape for me and my Valentine. And I still incorporated some pink and sparkle in honor of my little girls.

Personalize your holiday palette by playing with variations of traditional holiday colors! 


While perusing floral options at Garden District , I fell in love with the color and texture of blackberries, combined with sweet pink roses.

A foundation of a traditional Valentine pink grows in intrigue with the addition of shimmering brass, velvety dusty miller,  blackberry drupletes, and strong Belgian linen in a surprising color. 


When adding that next decorative layer to an interior for an event, I want to create an immersive experience by appealing to all senses.


Inspired by the blackberries I found at Garden District, a traditional valentine pink, and Carhartt brown, I began to build a decorative and sensory palette. 

Remember these tips when you decorate for your next holiday dinner or date night!


Be encouraged to play with variations of holiday colors to personalize your experience!


Combining visual and physical textures always create an room or tablescape! 


The blackberries aren’t just for decoration, they make a beautiful and delicious table garnish. And they’ve inspired a holiday cocktail for this meal!  Keep reading!


These decorative elements are thoughtfully combined to create romantic notes of rose, blackberry, chocolate, honey and whiskey. With a hint of fresh mint.  

If your decorations don’t create a signature scent, reach for a great candle!


The honey toned sparkle of the brass vases and whiskey tinted linens speak to the creation of our holiday cocktail...

Tennessee Honey Blackberry Tea

2 oz. Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Whiskey

Sweet Tea

Squeeze of Lemon

Blackberries and Fresh Mint for Garnish

Tip: For extra blackberry flavor, let the berries brew in your sweet tea, or gently crush and stir into cocktail.

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