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5 Indicators of a Rebound

Bounding back graphic

According to columnist, Logan Mohtashami, of, there are  five signs that will indicate that the housing marketing is on the rebound:

1. Flattened Curve
The first event that will indicate that the economy will come out of the tunnel is the turning of the number of new cases of infection from positive to flat or negative.

2. End of Stay-at-Home Orders
The second indicator that the economy will be getting back on track is the lifting of stay-at-home orders.

3.  10-Year Yield Goes Above 1%
An early indicator of recovery would see the 10-year yield above 1% –– especially if it got above 1.33%.

4. Decline in Credit Stress and Jobless Claims
When credit stress and jobless claims start to fall, you can believe we are on the road to recovery.

5. Data from the hardest-hit sectors starts to trend upward
Some of the hardest-hit business sectors will show recovery first because the declines have been so horrific. Fiscal and monetary government disaster relief will speed this along.

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