West Tennessee Home Builders Association

West Tennessee Home Builders Association

Why hire a Member?

Why Should You Choose a WestTNHBA Member?

Your home is often the biggest investment your family will ever make, and when it comes time to hire a contractor or supplier for your new home or remodeling project, it's important to choose someone who can be trusted to do the job right. Why take a chance? Choose a professional member of West Tennessee Home Builders Association!

Backed by Experience

The West TN Home Builders Association has existed since 1944, and is still the only trade association in West Tennessee that specifically deals with the residential construction and remodeling industry. Our members are professionals who have chosen to join a recognized trade association representing their industry.

Backed by Our Code of Ethics

In order to join the Association, our members are asked to adhere to a very specific Code of Ethics. Builder members must maintain their Contractor's License and meet its requirements as a condition for membership renewal each year.

Membership Underscores Professionalism

When a member joins WestTNHBA, that company also becomes a member of the Home Builders Association of Tennessee (HBAT) and the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). By being affiliated with local, state and national associations, members have access to the latest industry information, educational opportunities and best practices, setting them apart from other contractors and suppliers. The Association also has active members of The Remodelers' Council, a group specifically focused on this growing component of the industry. Local remodeler members can be found at /remodelerscouncil or through our online directory at /our-members

Experience DOES Matter!

Our members consist of the most innovative, most informed, well-trained and financially stable companies in the MidSouth, and by virtue of their membership, they are exhibiting a strong commitment to the industry and their community.

As a membership-based trade association, the West Tennessee Home Builders Association does not refer one member over another. We encourage homeowners to carefully consider and verify the credentials of any professional before hiring. Some suggestions to help you:

  • In Tennessee, the Department of Commerce and Insurance issues Contractor's Licenses. You may verify a business holds a license by visiting http://verify.tn.gov/default.aspx
  • Look for professionals on our website directory, found at /our-members, or clicking on the drop-down menu on our home page
  • Ask the contractor/supplier for a list of references, and contact those past customers
  • Request copies of applicable insurance certificates
  • Call the West Tennessee Home Builders Association at 901-756-4500 for assistance.



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